transfered guys please help me. I am so anxious

<p>Hello guys. I am currently studying Psychology in NVCC and applying to some colleges to transfer. JMU GMU UMBC Towson Mary Washington. My current GPA is 2.98. I was in the Dean's List with 3.50 term GPA in the last semester. My all grades are in and over C also I completed my ENG and MTH courses successfully. My total credits are now 39 and after completed this semester, this will be 56. What do you think about my chance to be accepted especially to UMBC Towson or Mary Washington.</p>

<p>Towson is pretty transfer friendly for students like you who come from a Maryland CC with a full Associates degree. I don't know about graduates of NVCC. It is perfectly OK for you email the transfer admissions office and ask! Don't be afraid to do that.</p>

<p>Make an appointment with the Transfer Counselor at your campus of NVCC. That person should have a very clear notion of which local universities will be most likely to admit you, and whether or not you would be best off to complete your full Associates degree before transferring.</p>

<p>Wishing you all the best!</p>