Transfered w/ Bad HS Record but Great College Record?

<p>Has anyone successfully transfered into Harvard College after having a bad high school record but a great college record?</p>

<p>No .</p>

<p>Yes. About</a> Hanna - Hanna Stotland, Admissions Consultant She posts here at CC under the name "Hanna". </p>

<p>However you have to be aware that there have been several years recently when Harvard did not accept any transfer students at all. It's highly unlikely.</p>

<p>I highly doubt the OP or pretty much anyone else who would actually peruses CC have the same back story as Hanna. That is why I just said "No" as the general answer that would apply to 99% of the populace that asks these questions.</p>

<p>The person who asked the question asked if "anyone" had gotten in. You answered for 99% of the people. Well 1% of the people do not even get into Harvard so why give your misleading and unhelpful answer?</p>

<p>^Because 99% of that <1% is what my answer is also referring to. </p>

<p>But no, I completely understand what you're saying about the misleading nature of my answer. So to rephrase my original post:</p>

<p>"Yes. However, generally no unless you have something very remarkable. For an example of "something very remarkable" see mathmom's linked story."</p>

<p>I think that is a fully accurate answer that now applies to 100% of the situation. </p>

<p>Thank you for the correction.</p>