Transfering from CC to university questions

Hello everyone Im transferring from CC to university with my degree in gen eds. I Have swapped from computer science to cyber security but in may I swapped to gen eds degree to start pre med half at CC and rest at the 4 year school I want to go to.

Classes i took at CC

some computer classes

I took statics math class and calc 1

i took two semester of english

Im taking sociology now and doing psychology this fall

Im doing general bio 1 with lab this fall and some gen eds classes

whats the best bet to major in at the 4 year because I need only the science classes done in order to apply to medical school ?

I could do either biological science pre med program or computer science if I pick either or will I be able to take electives ?

Lets say i do biological science bachelors can i take electives ?

would they let me into the biological science program with my gen eds ?

if I do computer science can I take the remainder of the science classes as electives

I dont mind staying a little longer since I started pre med late in the game .

schools I would love to to go to for the 4 year are morvian and de sales uni.

You need to be talking to your advisor… we don’t know the transfer policies, we don’t know the curriculum, and we don’t know how your financial aid might work if you stay “a little longer”.

Get off the internet and dial your phone to talk to an academic advisor at your university!!!

@WayOutWestMom does this student really “only need” science courses left to apply to medical school?

Also, can you explain whether some medical schools prefer the required courses be taken at the four year college?

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There is no “best” major for someone who intends to apply to medical school. Adcomms really don’t care what your major so long as you have completed all the required pre-reqs.

The major with greatest overlap with med school pre-reqs is any flavor of biology (except ecology/ecological studies)–so biology, neuroscience, biochemistry, microbiology, cellular biology, etc.

If you have completed psych,soc, stats and 2 semesters of expository writing, then you indeed have “only” science classes left, including one additional semester of college level mathematics (i.e. calc 1)–although some medical schools do require additional humanities and social science classes. Medical ethics, plus additional UL social sciences are pretty common requirements.

Please be aware being a pre-med requires more than just taking the expected classes. Adcomms hold some heavy EC expectations for pre-meds: physician shadowing; clinical exposure thru volunteering or employment; long term community service with disadvantaged populations; lab bench or clinical research; leadership roles in your activities. The number of hours and the duration of the activity are important. Most successful pre-meds will have spent several hundreds of hours in these expected pre-meds ECs.

Med schools strongly prefer that applicants take all their science coursework at a 4 year college. Students who have CC credits in science are expected to supplement those CC credit with equal number of additional credits in the same field taken at a 4 year college. IOW, if you take 2 semesters of general bio at the CC, if you want to be considered a strong applicant for med school, you’ll need to take another 2 semesters of UL bio coursework at your 4 year college.

WRT your other questions–these are all questions you will need to ask the college you plan to transfer to as college policies vary widely.

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