transfering from csu to cc begining of freshaman fall semester

So i am currently a fresh man at cal state Northridge and to be honest i really feel like i should have gone to a cc first i realized that it is way cheaper to tale my GE there than taking them at a csu… Plis i feel like being away from home is really going to impact my school performance l… Not to mention that my family is in a finacial sttuggle… So i was wondering would it be possible to transfer so early into the year…?

Usually universities have a couple of weeks at the beginning of the term where students can add and drop freely. You could withdraw form the university you are in if you have not made too many financial commitments (housing, etc.) thatyou cannot get a refund for. If that is the case, then tough it out for the first semester and then transfer in January.

I have not made any commitments like housing or loans. In that case would i be able to transfer this semester without jeopardizing it ( being on a leave or having to wait to start until next semester) or will that really depend on the cc that i want to go to?

Make sure you formally withdraw, in writing, from everything.

But would i be still able to enroll for the fall semster at the cc or will i have to wait for spring to start

Some CCs start later than others. Look at Foothill / De Anza, for example - both are good schools that start September 21st, as they are on the quarter system.

If you hurry, you may be able to start classes at your local CC. My guess would be that, by the time you get this all sorted out, it would be too late to enroll for the fall semester. You can try, but CCs often have placement exams that one must take before they are able to enroll in anything, and those are only given at certain dates.

You’ve already spent the tuition, picked your classes and perhaps attended them. I’d go forward with this semester and look to move to CC for the Spring 16 semester.

That will also allow you plenty of time to develop your plan B - pick classes at the CC, and stay on track to earn a timely degree.

That seems like a good idea but for the time being should i mention my plans to an advisor so everything will transaction smoothly ?

Yes - you need to work with a counselor at Northridge and your target school to make it smooth.