Transfering Inquiry to Business Schools

<p>Hi i am a high school senior whos looking to transfer into a business school after one year of studying at a college. The colleges i am interested in are Stern(NYU), wharton (Upenn), columbia, and cornell. I know these are top notch schools, but i am wondering what school i should go to next year to have the best chance to transfer. I will try to get a 3.8 or up GPA but what university should i go to next year to have the best chance? Boston University, UConn, Baruch College, Binghamton, Babson College or Penn State. I have already gotten into most of these schools, and certain i can get into the rest. Thanks!</p>

<p>Why are you trying to go through the transfer route instead of straight admissions?</p>

<p>BTW, Columbia has no undergrad business school.</p>