Transfering Issue?

So I am not sure if I will get accepted into any of these schools as a transfer due to my unfortunate pass.

I regret it. I was a slacker in high school. But a slacker that cared but not enough you know. So I am at a CC and I stepped up my game. I am applying to NYIT, New Paltz, and Siena College. Is it possible that I will be accepted after ONE SEMESTER.

HS GPA = 1.7
SAT = 1192
Played Varsity Tennis and JV and Varsity Soccer

CC GPA = 2.850
Recommendation letter from business teacher also teaches at Iona College, and was a successful marketing pro.
I Took
College Alg. Trig 2
Bus. and Org
American Government
And I was unfortunately placed in this Writing class to prove I am ready for English 101. The writing teacher told me she doesn’t know why I was in there. Enough about that. So what do you guys think? Sorry about any typing mistakes grammar and all that jazz. Typed fast.

Alright Thank You.
PS Siena doesn’t ask for SAT scores.

advice needed please/thank you

Right now the best thing for you to do would be for you to get an AA at a community colleges. Some community colleges have guaranteed enrollment with local schools provided you attain a certain GPA.

I have to go with sprinkles on this one. I would get your GPA way up at a CC then try to transfer. New Paltz, is pretty tough to get into with avg SAT being around 1700