Transfering to Berkeley

<p>Hi everyone I have a question so first i'll give you all my background info first.</p>

<p>I graduated from high school in '06 with partial IGETC (which i then completed later that year while attending UC Irvine.) When i finished my IGETC i had a CC GPA of 3.5. I was admitted to UC Irvine as a freshman (because I applied as a high school student planning on being a freshman.)
While i was there i took a 6 classes towards my major, and had a major gpa. of a 3.1, but did really badly in some non major related classes (i thought i wanted to study something else, didn't really work out.) which pulled my overall GPA down to a 2.0. </p>

<p>After that first year I had to take the next 3 years of from school due to some family and medical issues, and am now readmitted to UC irvine to finish up. With that being said I am currently taking 3 classes at a CC, and it looks like i'll be getting straight A's. </p>

<p>I was wondering if anyone thinks it would be wise to continue to stay at the CC and try and transfer to Berkeley (since that's where i really wanted to go before all of this.) Or just go back to Irvine and apply this fall and see where it gets me? To be honest I like Irvine just fine, and the program is great, but I think i would have better shot at grad school if i went to Berkeley. My other concern is that I would have too many credits, and I don't know what classes they would choose to look at in that case. </p>

<p>(Last time a applied for a transfer in '06 I got into UCLA but not Berkeley. I eventually could go to LA because of said issues)
Any help would be appreciated. </p>