Transfering to Berkeley

<p>Hi everyone I have a question so first i'll give you all my background info first.</p>

<p>I graduated from high school in '06 with partial IGETC (which i then completed later that year while attending UC Irvine.) When i finished my IGETC i had a CC GPA of 3.5. I was admitted to UC Irvine as a freshman (because I applied as a high school student planning on being a freshman.)
While i was there i took a 6 classes towards my major, and had a major gpa. of a 3.1, but did really badly in some non major related classes (i thought i wanted to study something else, didn't really work out.) which pulled my overall GPA down to a 2.0.</p>

<p>After that first year I had to take the next 3 years of from school due to some family and medical issues, and am now readmitted to UC irvine to finish up. With that being said I am currently taking 3 classes at a CC, and it looks like i'll be getting straight A's.</p>

<p>I was wondering if anyone thinks it would be wise to continue to stay at the CC and try and transfer to Berkeley (since that's where i really wanted to go before all of this.) Or just go back to Irvine and apply this fall and see where it gets me? To be honest I like Irvine just fine, and the program is great, but I think i would have better shot at grad school if i went to Berkeley. My other concern is that I would have too many credits, and I don't know what classes they would choose to look at in that case.</p>

<p>(Last time a applied for a transfer in '06 I got into UCLA but not Berkeley. I eventually could go to LA because of said issues)
Any help would be appreciated.</p>


<p>stay at irvine. your gpa is totally screwed (3.75 was the 25th percentile this year) and you'll probably hit the unit cap. It really wouldn't be in your best interest to try to apply to berkeley. just do your best at irvine,</p>