Transfering to CSULA from a CC as a electric engineering

<p>aright so i go to a California community college (CCC)
and i got accepted into cal state university of los angeles (CSULA) as a electrical engineering major in the spring
also applied for CSULB and pomona for the fall</p>

<p>im thinking of just saying yes to CSULA for the spring and if i get accepted to CSULB or pomona for the fall just transfer there</p>

<p>this semester (my last) at the CCC i was taking calculus III and i received a D in that class
(my 1st D)</p>

<p>my questions are:
1. how doz the transfer system work from CSU to CSU? could i jus go to CSULA in the spring and transfer to LB or pomona in the fall like that? or do i have to go through a process?</p>

<li>i know that CSU's only accept a grade of a C or better, so will this D effect me hard?
like will they deny my acceptance? its not a gen ed class but it is on for them.
could i just retake it at the CSU? or how does this work</li>

<p>thanx guys, any additional information would be appreciated</p>


<p>1) Transferring from CSU to CSU will be like re-applying to the CSU system all over again (you can only apply in the Fall of one year for the Fall of another year). If you go to CSULA in the Spring, you will have to apply to CSULB in the Fall and you can only get INTO that school during the NEXT Fall.</p>

<p>2)I don't know about this specific question. But you should've retaken it at your CCC.</p>

<p>CSULA has a better Engineering program (Electrical Engineering included) than CSULB, however, CSU pomona is superior than both schools in terms of engineering.</p>

<p>See here: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>u would miss a whole cycle so you should just go to CSULA in the spring. I would talk to admissions and see if you are still acceptable since calc III is a major requirement. </p>

<p>or dont go to CSULA, retake class in cc, and wait to see if you get accepted to your other schools in the fall. The downside to this is, if you don't get in anywhere, you will have to spend next year at cc as well. Plus you would have to hope that a CSU with a good engineering department will take spring transfers the following year.</p>

<p>I would try to go with the first option IMO.</p>