Transfering to harvard advice...

<p>I'm a junior economics major at Johns Hopkins and am trying to transfer into harvard. I applied last year, but did not get in. This will be my last semester at hopkins as i dont like it and cant take it anymore (academically and socially). My gpa is 3.5 which i think is pretty good because of the extremely competitive grading system here. I've done very well in all my upper level classes and really like econ, but jhu does not have a good econ dept. I think i have a somewhat decent chance to get in but if some one could offer me some advice on what I can do to increase my chances i would really appreciate it. Thanks</p>


<p>...A little about some of my recent activies/jobs</p>

<p>-This summer I worked for Merrill Lynch's Basic Value Mutual Fund, a fund that contains over 8 billion dollars in assets. I was a summer analyst there and met, and interviewed CEO's and CFO's from companies including McDonalds, Tyco, Home Depot, Union Pacific, Norfolk Southern, Viacom, Comcast and others to asses company prospects. It was an awesome internship, no busy work, all action. I got to go to functions of all sorts, and often was the only representive from Merrill Lynch attending.</p>

<p>-I am currently working on a business plan that entails building a paper company that revolves around the pulping of non wood fibers, more specifically, kenaf.</p>

<p>-I recently worked with a team of graduate students on a thermal based chemical detector that we developed here at hopkins which is a low cost alternative to current sensors with less vulnerabilty to false positives. The sensor can be custom tailored to respond to individual or classes of target compounds(ie any chemical/chemical compound), and in some cases, quantification of the target compound is possible. This product will eventually be marketed to the Department of Homeland Security and private chemical companies.</p>

<p>As a junior, many schools discourage transferring that late as many school have degree requirements that may contain how long you have to be at the school or number of courses taken. So keep that in mind. Also because you have already applied before and been rejected I am not sure if you would get in this time, even if your stats and recs are great just because you are a junior. But that is just my opinion. I would call the Harvard admission's office and speak to the person that handles transfers so you can get a better idea. Good luck with whatever you decide to do!</p>

<p>thanks for your reply! I understand that if I do tranfer, I will have to complete 2 years at harvard and thats fine with me. Anyone else have any comments?</p>

<p>i hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, but as per the H website:</p>

<p>By the anticipated date of matriculation, applicants must have satisfactorily completed a minimum of one continuous academic year in a degree program at one college, and not more than two academic years of full-time college study. </p>

<p>Students who have completed more than two years of college study with transferable credit, and those who have earned a bachelor's degree, are not eligible to transfer to Harvard College. Students may not choose to relinquish academic credits, or a degree, in order to apply for transfer admission. </p>

<p>Sorry. according the website, you can still apply as a visiting undergrad though.</p>