Transfering to Stanford

<p>How hard is it to transfer to Stanford? What do they look at most? Also, will Robin Mamlet still be reading the transfer apps or will she leave before the transfer apps?? Thanks</p>

<p>Robin Mamlet is gone. </p>

<p>If you requested application materials like a superlative, well-researched prospective transfer candidate, you will see that they enclose helpful statistics in the viewbook.</p>


<p>I just found this out this summer, after deciding to apply to Stanford. Mind you, I have well over 100 college credits, not all transferable, 18 years of work experience, an Associate's Degree from Purdue, and would transfer as a junior in physics & aeronautical and astronautical engineering. They STILL require SAT scores, so make sure you take them and get good scores if you do not have good scores from within the past three years.</p>

<p>I personally do not know of any transfer students, so I believe it may be very rare.</p>

<p>stanford accepts around 100 or so a year for transfer</p>