Transfering to UMich-Dearborn

<p>Hey guys,</p>

<p>I just finished my freshman year at McMaster University in Hamilon, On. I just had a terrible year (GPA around 2.4), and am looking to transfer into UMD. I'm not too worried about getting in as I had a 3.8 GPA in high school and 2000 SAT, so I will just need to repeat a lot of courses. The question I have is whether or not to stay at UMD. I don't really mind switching colleges again, and would love to go off to the real UM, so here are my questions:</p>

<p>1) Lets say I do well (around 3.7 range) at UMD in my sophmore year, how likely is it that I can switch into UofM? (I dont expect people here to give me an exact answer obviously...just want to know if anyone here has seen someone go through a similar situation, and whether or not its possible to switch to a good school like Michigan even after having a terrible year in college).</p>

<p>2) I had admission offers to Purdue, Texas, and Penn State during my senior year in High School. How much (if any) difference will that make if I try to transfer into any of those schools?</p>

<p>3) Does it matter what classes I take in my sophmore year if I want to transfer? (ie I am looking to take a lot of easy courses, and ofcourse repeat a few to increase my GPA, so will universities look at my transcript negatively if they see that I did well by taking courses that I had previously, and taken easier courses)</p>

<p>4) What are some easy courses? I have heard the econs are pretty easy. I have to take first year chem and Materials science again. Other than that, I had C- in first year Physics. </p>

<p>Thanks in advance</p>