Transferring Abroad with poor high school grades

After a year of school in the states at a very small institution which I decided was not right for me (for various reasons), I’ve decided to withdraw from the school. I tried applying as a second year transfer student to 11 schools and was only granted admission to my local state school - this coming year I am taking a year off to work to save up for school because I decided that the state school just did not have what I wanted academically.

Last year I had the opportunity to live in Paris for a few months and completely fell in love with it and my family suggested I look at trying to transfer abroad.

In high school (a private, very competitive, top tier HS) I did not do that great due to a number of personal and health reasons - I finished with a 3.34 (weighted) and took 8 APs and scored 3s across the board. In 10th grade I took the SAT II Math Level 1 and got a 580 and the SAT Literature and got a 660 - I never bothered to retake them because my college list at the time did not require them.

For my ACT (Took it twice - new ACT) my breakdown was
Composite 31 English 34 Mathematics 27 Reading 31 Science 33 Writing 10
Composite 31 English 35 Mathematics 29 Reading 30 Science 28 Writing 23

Not bad but not great. In my freshman year of college I really managed to turn it around - Dean’s List both semesters and finished with a 3.84. I wrote two mid-length research papers (one in Environmental Science and one for history) and both were “A” Papers and published in my school’s literary journals. The Profs for these two classes offered to write me recs because they really enjoyed my papers and overall work and performance in their respective classes.

I guess my question is - what are my chances of applying abroad? I’ve been looking at schools in France and the UK. I’m fairly comfortable with French (But I do plan on taking a proficiency test soon). But schools abroad seem to require higher GPAs, lots of subject tests + APs and my scores just don’t seem to cut it.

I really am hoping to turn myself around but I’m worried that my high school performance will haunt me and prevent me from transferring abroad. Any tips, suggestions, and advice is very appreciated!

edit: I do also plan on taking some Community College Courses so I don’t fall too far behind either

@MYOS1634 may have ideas for you.