Transferring advice

<p>I'm sorry, but I'm going to whine a bit..</p>

<p>I'm a Freshmen at USC. Long story short, I've been really unhappy here on several levels. I've tried to change that, but I feel even unhappier. I apply to USC with several expectations, once of which included a strong academic and intellectual environment not only in the classroom, but outside, but I'm not getting that much. I want to love this school (since it is a school I'm attending), and I adore the professors. The opportunities here are many, including research, which I'm genuinely interested in, but I can't seem to feel really happy or even content. I'm not enjoying it like I want to here.</p>

<p>Are those reasons solid enough to consider transferring? Is it okay for me to transfer or am I not seeing things clearly? I'm sorry if this is just stupid, but it's hard to talk about transferring here to other students who lives and breath 'SC, and wierd to talk about with my advisors since I've just arrived here. </p>

<p>Thank you for your patience! I really appreciate any advice, even if its just, "Shut up and stop whining. USC gets better blah blah..." Heh...</p>

<p>Which USC?</p>

<p>Do you know what you really want? Do you have a school in mind that you are confident will give you what you really want? If you can't answer those questions, you might want to reconsider leaving USC. Transferring makes sense in a lot of cases ... but if you don't know what you want or where you want to go, I don't know how much sense it will make for you.</p>

<p>It sounds like what you're saying is that you don't fit in with the social atmosphere, and I think this is a valid reason to leave..but I would give USC some time first, you haven't been there very long. You'd be surprised at the diversity you can find at a large school. If you do decide to transfer, make a list of some realistic schools, go visit them, and see if University X is really where you would like to attend. The grass may not always be greener. Good luck!</p>

<p>Lots of students feel this way at this time in freshman year. LOTS. I've seen it happen personally and I see it all over these boards each year.</p>

<p>Most of them, not all - but most, feel differently by the spring term of freshman year. Very differently.</p>

<p>That may be some comfort to you, maybe not. </p>

<p>It is certainly okay to consider transferring. But this would be my advice: Set aside thoughts of transferring ENTIRELY for now. Continue to enjoy the aspects of USC which have fulfilled your expectations (the profs etc). As to the aspects you do not enjoy - first, give it time; second, continue to look for more opportunities to turn that around (as you already are) - more and different activities; you might even meet someone when you attend an evening lecture or some other one-time event...</p>

<p>Then, if you are still considering transferring when December break rolls around, that is PLENTY of time to consider transferring. See the Transfer Admissions 101 sticky thread re this.</p>

<p>EXCEPTION: If you are thinking of transferring to some place in the UC system, their deadline has been November in the past. So you would need to check out those deadlines and meet them if you want to apply. If you do, still follow my earlier advice.</p>

<p>MHC2011, what do you mean which USC? Do you mean UC? :) I'm not in a UC, I'm in UCLA's bitter rival school, USC.</p>

<p>Thanks for the responses. I guess I should wait and see what I feel like by spring or by December.
Maybe I just happen to always meet the wrong people. I certainly ended up with the worst roommate USC could ever put me with (I will be changing rooms next semester).
I knew that at USC I would not get 100% of what I wanted, since it wasn't my first choice, but I thought I would enjoy it. I visited and talked with alumnis and students before I applied, and I felt I would like it here. It didn't turn out that way. </p>

<p>It's actually hard to pinpoint what the problem is. I'm not homesick at all, or friend-sick. I'm really not the kind of person that gets hung over from separation from home or familiar people. I like meeting people, and I'm pretty social when I'm not studying for a major exam or something so it's not me being anti-social. </p>

<p>Andale, I'll try not to think about transferring! I'll make myself more busy so I don't notice how unhappy I am. I am most content when I'm working it seems.</p>

<p>And I do have an idea of what I want in a school (old list updatd by my experiences here), and I have a vague list of schools right now.</p>

<p>Thank you all. I'll try to get the best I can out of this.</p>

<p>No, there's this place called the University of South Carolina, and they do periodically have students. ;)</p>

<p>Oh wow and I thought I was the only person in the boat. I just started USC as a freshmen too and like I've made friends and stuff, but it still just doesn't seem like USC is the place for me. I admit USC was not my first choice (Stanford and NYU were) and I thought I was almost a given into NYU based on our school's past acceptances....but unfortunately I was not accepted into either. But yeah, I tried to make the best and tried to be excited about USC during the summer, but still, after coming here I still don't feel like this is the place for me.</p>

<p>As a USC transfer to UPenn, I hear you. However, Andale is exactly right. Put thoughts of transferring out of mind until AT LEAST winter break. Be mindful of deadlines, but do not expend any serious effort into the applications or bias yourself. What schools are you looking at? What's your degree program?</p>