Transferring after a Semester Question

Hi, I am an applicant looking to try and transfer to a T20 school after a semester at at either Michigan State Honors, Boston University or UVA. I’m not sold on transfering, I am just curious about something regarding transfers.

My question is that, I know that a candidate might not have enough credits to transfer after a semester, so can I use AP Credit and Dual Enrollment credit to meet the credit requirement to transfer after a semester? Also, how would one go about getting a professor report having only known them for a very short time? Also, if transferring after 1 semester, will a college see that semester grade?

For Example: Cornell requires 12 credits to transfer, can I legit get those 12 from AP and Dual Enrollment? But for Cornell, their application is due on October 15th so there won’t be enough time to take enough classes and build a good enough relationship with a professor.

Essentially my question is, can you transfer to Cornell after 1 semester?

Edit, I had a quick Conversation with Cornell admissions and it seems like they would feel they don’t have enough about a student if they are transferring Spring of their 1st year. Alright never mind I take my question back I have my answer

Cornell has limitations on transfer credit for college courses taken while in high school: Transferring Credits | The College of Arts & Sciences

Also, be sure to count credit for AP based on Cornell’s AP credit chart, not that of your initial college, when trying to transfer to Cornell.