Transferring after one semester during freshman year, SUNY Schools

I am planning to apply as a transfer from a state school to SUNY Geneseo (Guaranteed Admission), University at Buffalo, SUNY Albany, and Stony brook University during my first semester as a freshman. The reason why is because the current institution that i’ll be attending doesn’t have a rigorous business program that will compliment my business admin major, since it’s mainly known for technology and engineering. And from what I researched about the following schools that I have listed, they offer more a more reputable and rigorous business program.

I would like to know what my chances are, in terms of trying to transfer out at such an early stage. In addition, your opinions of the following schools listed out. And would my high school transcript be heavily considered?

One last question, would I still be offered as much financial aid as I would be offered as a senior in high school?

GPA Overall (HS): 3.0
GPA Overall (Coll): TBD

Because you won’t have any finished classes when you apply to transfer, the colleges will rely strongly on your high school record.

Generally speaking, colleges give their best aid offers to first year students. So you may or may not be offered the same aid as you would have gotten as a high school senior.

Why do you believe you’re guaranteed admission at Geneseo?

I was waitlisted by Geneseo, and was not accepted at the end of the waitlist admission process. So as a result, the school emailed me the option to accept the offer of guaranteed admission for the subsequent semester or next fall semester if I maintain a B average in which I accepted the offer.

@Scrumpeh they guaranteed you admission? I’m in a similar situation with SUNY ESF. I applied for fall 2018 and had my application deferred to spring 2019. I’m still waiting to hear back from them on their admission decision for spring 2019. So you were not accepted off the wait list, but then were offered guaranteed admission for the next semester? I’m just curious since both are SUNY schools and maybe ESF would do the same thing for me if I didn’t get in this upcoming semester.