Transferring AP credit a bad idea?

<p>I'm not exactly sure what to do as far as AP credits go. I have full credit for AP bio and AP Euro so far (with scores of 5 and 4 respectively). I also have AP Calc BC and AP Gov score pending, but I projected a score of either 4 or 5 on both of them while scheduling classes. I was ready to apply all of my AP credit, but then I thought I should take it easy and not jump into higher-level bio courses right away. At that point, retaking only the bio 2 lecture and applying bio 1, bio 1 lab, and bio 2 lab credits seemed to be the best course of action. Now I'm rethinking this decision....While it is true that Bio 1 <em>could</em> be an easy A if I retake it, I would feel like I wasted my time taking the AP test if I forfeit ALL of my bio AP credit.</p>

<p>For med schools that require supplemented AP credit, would I have to supplement courses like Calc or Euro if I received AP credit for them? I really hope this isn't the case because those classes aren't in my major. That is, I wouldn't have to take them if I received AP credit for them, and, suffice to say, I don't plan on taking higher-level courses in those areas (math and history).</p>

<p>Is it possible for med schools to, within the course of my undergraduate career (4 years), suddenly change their position from accepting AP credit to not accepting AP credit?</p>

<p>On another note, would medical schools accept post-secondary credit received during high school? I took classes at a university during my senior year in high school, two of which are English and Gen. Chem 1. I plan on transferring this credit (or rather, I've already transferred it) and skipping both of the courses. How important is English on the MCAT? I'm fairly confident in my writing ability and I REALLY don't want to retake everything I received credit for.</p>

<p>EDIT: I just thought of something else...Even if I apply part of my AP bio credit and I happen to apply to a med school that does accept the credit, does that necessarily mean that the bio credit will NOT count for pre-med requirements? That is, would I have to take higher level bio courses to satisfy those requirements? In the end, even though I will be a bio major, would retaking ALL of my bio courses be best for my GPA and med. school chances?</p>

<p>Your post is so long haha. I didn't read all but just accept ap credit for the nonsciences. I wouldn't do it for the premed requirement science courses. That's what I would do and will do (I got a 4 on the bio and I am exempting one of the two intro classes so that's my exception). Hey I'm not sure so ask someone who knows more Bout this suffblke a premed advisor. </p>

<p>Hey and you should shorten your post a tad :)</p>

<p>lol I've decided to forfeit both credits for bio. If I still remember something it should be a GPA booster. Sorry for the long post up there but I like to ask long questions so I don't have to worry about forgetting anything later. :) Thanks for the input</p>