Transferring back to first college

Hello everybody,

I am a second year student who transferred from Dartmouth College to the University of Minnesota Morris. I truly regret doing this as I miss Dartmouth’s beautiful scenery, tight knit student body, diverse population, and strong focus on educating Native American students. I thought being closer to home would outweigh any benefits I got from going to Dartmouth but this has proved to be simply untrue. I have already established a great network of connections at Dartmouth and have grown to love the school. The truth is that I am completely miserable at the University of Minnesota Morris and I want to transfer back to Dartmouth so much. Are there any stories of students who have done similar (transferred from school A to school B only to transfer back to school A)? How likely is it that I will be accepted in this round of admissions?

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What was your Dartmouth GPA? What is your UMinn GPA?

Why did you transfer? To go from an Ivy to a branch public university is not common unless there were underlying reasons e.g. severe homesickness.

My Dartmouth GPA was around a 2.5. My UMinn GPA was a .090 and I am currently on academic probation. And, yes, I did transfer because I was severely homesick. I immediately regretted it when I got to the Morris campus.

With your GPA transfer would be impossible. Take a gap year and get a job. See how you feel after that.

Only the folks at Dartmouth can tell you what your options are. Contact your dean/advisor there and start the conversation.

.090 GPA? Is that a typo?

what did you end up doing?