transferring because of mental illness?

I am currently suffering from an eating disorder, depression, and anxiety, and I want to transfer to a college closer to home for my own wellbeing so that I can have the support of my family. I currently attend a top 15 school, and I’d like to transfer into one that is about the same level. However, these schools are typically very difficult to transfer into and are highly competitive. I can’t justifying transferring from this college to a less prestigious one.

Should I talk about the medical reasons behind my transfer in my application at all?

Hmmm, I have mixed feelings. Perhaps bring up having some mild health issues and would like to be closer to home to address them.

I wonder if you should step down a level to a little less intense school. At the end of the day, you are still attending classes, taking tests, and studying yourself. Your family & friends aren’t doing this things. It is okay to do that. I would not mention the issues. Just say you want something closer to home, and give the things you like about the school as reasons to transfer there.

@merrbear Wow, I am in pretty much the same situation as you. I am also currently at a top 15 university and am suffering from depression and anxiety. I am considering transferring to a less intense school that is closer to home because I feel as if the competitive atmosphere is contributing to the anxiety and depression. Have you used the psychological services on campus? Maybe taking a semester off is all that you need.

As a Mom, this concerns me: I can’t justifying transferring from this college to a less prestigious one.

Your health and well-being are worth a lot. I agree, perhaps taking a semester off is an option, but if the environment there is part of the problem, then maybe it is worth considering a different ‘less prestigious’ school if that is where you will be healthy and thrive. I am assuming you know that the best thing to do would be to talk with your parents and perhaps a counselor and really think this through since it is a very important decision. Good luck.