Transferring Boston University to Liberal Arts College

Hi. I am a sophomore at Boston University. I study Computer Science and have a 3.44 GPA. I was on Dean’s List the past two semester. I really disliked my freshman year because of all the covid restrictions. I wanted to give it another chance, but I realize now I would rather be at a small school and not in a city. I had a high GPA in highschool and good testing that I probably could have gone to a good small college, but I’m not sure if that is possible for me as a transfer. I was wondering if anyone has any advice?

Are you looking to start your junior year at a liberal arts college? I suspect that many (most?) deadlines may have passed or are imminent, but I am not as informed about the transfer route. Are there particular colleges that you are looking at? Do you know if they have accept more than 60-credit hours from a transfer institution or if they have a requirement to have at least 60-credit hours at their own institution? (These would mean that you really would want to be transferring for the fall of your junior year.) Also, I would look into finding out whether all of your classes would transfer or whether you would need to retake any or take extra classes.

What is it that you think you will find at a small college that you aren’t getting at BU? What would make you happier at BU? Have you given any thought to studying abroad for your junior year which would give you a different experience than being on campus?

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The basic advice for transferring does not differ in principle from applying to enter as a first-year. It will be important to research colleges, look for suitable matches and prepare applications. Do, however, look into whether colleges of potential interest seem generally receptive to transfer applicants. As an indicator of this, a college’s acceptance rate for transfer applicants should not fall substantially below that for first-year applicants (see Common Data Sets for this information).

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