Transferring collages

I got into my third choice, UW-Stout, however, I didn’t get into my first choice, Iowa State. Is it worth it to stay in-state and go to UW-Stout for a year and try to transfer to Iowa State? If so I would be transferring into the hospitality program at Iowa State.

What would you do if you don’t start college this fall?


If money is a concern, Iowa State is going to be very expensive for you with no reciprocity and no freshman incoming merit scholarship. Much, much more spendy than Stout.

@wellowth I’m sorry you are having such a hard time getting over ISU.

We are also in Wisconsin, and UW-Stout is an excellent school for hospitality. That is their specialty. I think it’s awesome you were accepted to their program and you should feel proud of yourself.

Have you been able to visit UW-Stout yet? I think a visit will help you feel more connected to the school.

The previous poster is right…transferring to ISU will be very expensive, and honestly, just not worth it. With transferring, it could also be hard to finish in four years, adding to your cost.

You have been accepted to a great program. Try to focus on UW-Stout and get excited about next year!