Transferring Colleges and Masters

Hey, looking for advice if anyone has some thoughts. I am currently enrolled in a school that I was able to afford my first two years of college, but a few things have changed unexpectedly (financial situation and tuition increased) and now I want to transfer to a less expensive school. The only problem is that the masters program I want to go to is offered by the school I’m currently enrolled in. When I apply for the program, will it look bad that I transferred out of the undergraduate program? If I finish getting my undergraduate degree at my current school, there’s no way I’ll be able to afford a masters program at all. Also a crippling fear of debt so I am avoiding loans. Thanks for any advice

It shouldn’t. Graduate schools get applications from students with a wide variety of schools. Usually only a small minority of applicants come from the same undergraduate. Do what you need to do, because your finances are more important.