Transferring Computer Science credit to UMBC

So for two years I attended Montgomery College and then transferred to a school out of state and attended that school for a year. For reasons I won’t get to here I don’t like the school anymore and I want to transfer to a school closer to home. I’ve taken 5 computer science classes there and I’m starting to get into higher level Computer Science classes. Here is a list of the classes and what I consider to be their UMBC equivalents (don’t know for sure until I talk to the registrar):
Foundations of Computational Problem Solving (CS I, 4 credits)
Foundations of Computer Science (CS II, 4 credits)
Multi-tier Web App Development (?)
Interactive Webpage Design (?)
Data Structures and Algorithms (Data Structures)
Introduction to Computer Systems (Computer Organization and Assembly Programming)

Does anyone know if UMBC would accept credit for these credits? For what it’s worth, the school that I attended’s Engineering program is ABET accredited and I have little doubt of the rigor of the coursework.

You’ll need to talk to an adviser in the CS department at UMBC. They will give you an official answer about which classes they accept and put together a degree plan for you.