Transferring for spring 2022 chances?

I’m a freshmen at the University of Tennessee Knoxville currently and applied to Texas State, Southwestern, St Edwards, SFA State, UTSA and TCU for the spring 2022 semester. When grades are finalized I will have a 3.9/4.0 gpa. This semester I have been involved in 3 organizations and with a large role as community outreach director for relay against cancer. In addition to working at a local summer camp as an overnight counselor for most of the summer (2020/21). In high school I had a 3.3 gpa but many ec’s, leadership roles, honors. Since I have greatly improved my gpa and gotten more involved. Do you think I have a good chance at being accepted by any of these schools?

I really regret going to college out of state and cannot afford out of state tuition and would like to be back in Texas as soon as possible.

Texas State and UTSA are the most affordable of the group here. You might get a transfer scholarship too with your GPA, which would make it even better. As far as your chances, you’ll get in with no problems. Neither school is terribly competitive. If you have money constraints, you’ll definitely want UTSA. San Antonio is an affordable city to live in with a lot of living options. The dorms are also very affordable if you decide to live on campus. And UTSA has a killer football team!