Transferring for Spring Semester?

Currently an OOS freshman studying at Virginia Tech. I’ve been here just shy of a month, and not to be dramatic, but I am wildly unhappy here. I applied last minute in the spring, visited in April, and committed. I had no clue were I wanted to go to school, and I decided on VT pretty much because it seemed like the lesser of all evils. I loved the campus when I visited, and I would have instantly committed after my visit - but the school just seemed so big. I thought I could look past it, but I know realize that I can’t.

One of my issues and selection criteria is my sport - I ride horses, and I’m looking to be on a competitive and rigorous riding team while at college. I chose VT for a few reasons, but a big one was the equestrian coach and the program that was represented. To be honest, I know feel that the program was misrepresented and it is far from what I want.

During the admissions cycle last year, my top choices were all over the place. I applied to nearly 20 schools, and finally narrowed my choices down to Dickinson College, UC Davis, Centenary University, Virginia Tech, and the University of Vermont. Trust me, I know how different these are across the board! I loved Dickinson, and though Carlisle was relatively sleepy, I thoroughly enjoyed the campus. UVM was perfect on paper, and I loved Burlington, but I couldn’t picture myself in the riding program that they had.

I definitely do not think that I can spend the whole year at Virginia Tech, and so I would like to transfer for the spring semester. I would love some suggestions if anyone has some insight - ideally, I am looking for a competitive and serious equestrian program (I am not interested nor good enough for University of Georgia, Auburn University or schools in that division), a cute/interesting college town (or near a city), a smaller feel than VT, and somewhere that is realistic to get into. I had a 3.6 from a college prep high school, a 30 ACT, and concentrated extracurriculars, so competitive schools aren’t really on my radar.

I would appreciate any help - I know this is kind of a niche topic/question on CC, but I’m just looking for some guidance! I’m terribly afraid of making the wrong choice for school again, I feel like I can’t lose anymore time. Thank you!

Have you looked into Skidmore or St. Lawrence? Would you be eligible for Holyoke?

Are any of the schools you were accepted to in the spring still of interest? If so, contact the admissions people and ask if there is an option to enroll second semester.

What about Roanoke, Miami Ohio, Earlham, Sweet Briar, Alfred, U Louisville? For bigger (not sure how competitive equestrian is), Michigan State and U Minnesota? Regardless the schools you identify, you will need to contact each admissions/transfer admissions office to see if second semester enrollment is an option. Good luck.

As another suggestion, consider UNH.

I don’t know how competitive their program is but my niece rode at Gettysburg and loved her time there. If you liked Dickinson, I’d reach out to them. They may facilitate transfer. Gettysburg is located about an hour from Dickinson and the town is a bit bigger due to more tourism for the battlefields and such.