Transferring for Summer, Skipping Spring?

Im Currently a freshman at Illinois Institute of Technology and for a number of reasons (biggest of which being financial), I will not be attending in the spring,

My initial plan was to transfer back home to the University of South Florida for the spring, but due to credit requirements and deadlines, I will not be able to.

I will, however, be reapplying for the Summer semester, as by that deadline I will have completed enough college courses to qualify to transfer, but in the meantime for the Spring, I was wondering if I should attend a local CC or just take the semester off entirely.

I worry that if I do attend CC, having attended two schools in one year will reflect negatively in the future, and taking the spring off will not cause me to fall behind in terms of credits because I have 21 credits from AP classes in addition to my 15 currently enrolled ones, plus I will make some of those up in the Summer,

I basically want to know if skipping the spring will make it tough for me to get accepted for Summer.
I will be applying with a 3.6 college GPA, 4.2 HS GPA, and 34 ACT