transferring from a csu to a cc and transferring out again

<p>hi i am pre nursing and currently in my first semester of my freshman year at SDSU and so far im not liking it. I have nothing bad to say about the school it is just does not feel right. i am really homesick coming from Los Angeles and was considering withdrawing after my first semester and attending a cc and possibly transferring after i get all my GE's and pre reqs done at the cc . I would like to get some feedback and guidance to what i should do and i also want to keep nursing as my intended major. thank you i was also wondering that if i withdraw after one semester of sdsu and go to a cc will my credits from my first semester of SDSU transfer to the cc and then be able to be used toward transferring from the cc to the new university?
oh and will i have the same chances of transferring from the cc to another university even though i went to a CSU for one semester?</p>

<p>noooo sdsu has a great nursing program. I know you barely Started school but just stick this one out. I know it's hard to be away fromhome but things will get better soon. My gf is a nursing major at sdsu and is in her last year. Just work hard and have fun. Good luck wish you the best.</p>

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<p>Omg I'm in the same situation as you.</p>

<p>Except I go to CSU Chico which is 8 hours from LA.</p>

<p>I miss LA and I should've just gone to CSUN.</p>

<p>But unfortunately they don't accept lower division transfers.</p>

<p>So I'm stuck and I need help too. There's no way I can stay here for 2 years.</p>

<p>so what are you deciding to do imsohungry?</p>

<p>benl23 I am in the exact same situation as you. I know I'm about a month late but I need help as well. I am a pre-nursing major and it is my first year at sdsu. I don't like it here and feel I can save loads of money by going to a cc, perhaps here in san diego, or l.a. Do sdsu students have priority over cc students when applying for their nursing program?</p>

<p>Wow Im also in the same boat as many of you. I currently attend Humboldt State and have decided I wanted to change my major but Humboldt doesn't offer it.
Im considering transferring either next semester or next year and just finish my GE in my local CC.</p>

Same here, I also go to csu Chico and miss LA.</p>