Transferring from a CSU to another CSU

I am a California State University student (incoming third year at Cal Poly Pomona), and I would like to ask anyone who was able to successfully transfer from a CSU they attended to another CSU. This is just out of curiousity because I was considering transferring from CPP to another Cal State, but I don’t think that’s going to work. Thank you!

depending on your stats and unit status It is possible.
I’d reach out to the school you are considering and see what they say.
Do you have a target school in mind?


I see. I am thinking about Long Beach and San Diego. I am a business major and this will be my third year at CPP, so I am unsure if it’s too late for me to apply. I reached out to LB and they recommended me to meet with a counselor to see if my classes are transferrable (:

SD and LB are pretty selective for biz transfers, especially for those applying from non-local CCs. But, I’d make the apt, bring your transcript and see what they have to say. That way you’ll know for sure.

Good luck.

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