transferring from a large university

<p>i am currently a freshman at UC Berkeley and i would love to transfer to a liberal arts college such as Swarthmore, Amherst or Williams. i am also seriously looking into Cornell and Harvard. i think it is probably most likely that Cornell would be the only school i have a chance at. in high school i had a 4.0 unweighted GPA and around a 4.7 weighted GPA. i graduated having taken 10 AP classes. i have taken french throughout my entire high school experience and was the president of the french honor society. however, my SAT score was only a 1400 but my SAT II's were all in the mid to high 700's. the reason i want to transfer schools is because i realized how much i need to be in a small classroom where i can interact with my professors on a day to day basis. i really want my opinions to be heard in class and to have me be recognized for my ideas. it's hard to achieve such attention at such a large university as berkeley. i have confidence that i can maintain somewhere around straight A's at berkeley this semester as well. however, i am only involved with one community service club. i hope to be joining a ballroom dancing club soon too. it's just that this is my first year as a college freshmen and the adjustment is difficult. anyone have any suggestions as to my chances at admissions to these schools? if anyone has suggestions about other great schools with good premed programs i'd appreciate information on that as well. i'm intending to go into medicine after undergrad. it's also hard to get college recommendations since berkeley is so huge and my classes are at least of 400 students. berkeley is a wonderful school but it really does not fit my personality. i need to have my opinions heard and to be able to communicate with my class on a daily basis. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. should i join more extra currics? i think i should focus on maintaining my GPA. i have a lot of extra currics in high school but not so many in college. is that okay?</p>

<p>also, i am currently enrolled at berkeley as an out of state student. when i applied to schools as a freshmen i was rejected by princeton and mit and waitlisted at rice (because i applied during the later section) and cornell (because i didn't turn in a sample of an essay from class). i was accepted at uva and umich besides berkeley.</p>

<p>you might want to consider jhu for pre-med.
I think your hs credentials are excellent for cornell, just keep in mind to keep up a strong gpa (>3.5) and emphasize the reasons you want to transfer in your application.
welcome to the club!</p>

<p>thanks for your prompt response. i know i want to do premed but i also really enjoy the humanities and i would like to double major such as in english simply because i think it would just be a great opportunity for me to explore all of my intellectual interests in college before i buckle down in med school. that's why i don't really consider jhu since it's so predominantly one sided. also because i really want to leave berkeley for my sophomore year and jhu only allows junior transfers. also, do you think the fact that i only have two extra curricular activities will hinder me? i just don't want my grades to suffer because of extra currics.</p>

<p>Cornell admin website stated that GPA is considered basically the most important factor of all for transfer admissions. I think ECs certainly are important, but having only one or two that you're really into sounds fine to me. It is really difficult for me to find any ECs in my current school, so you shouldn't worry, I SHOULD...
Anyway hopefully we will see each other on transfer day '05
Time for bed for me, you have a good night!</p>