Transferring from a UC to another UC

I am currently a freshman enrolled in UCI but I want to transfer to UCLA. I heard that transferring from a UC to another UC is harder than transferring from a community college to a UC and I was wondering if that was true. Also, I was wondering if there is some kind of website like ASSIST that I could use to choose the right courses to guarantee my success in transferring.

As a UC to UC transfer, you are not given priority but it can be done. UCLA happens to be a UC to UC transfer friendly campus.

First try to get as many of your GE courses completed at UCI so you can get a UC reciprocity letter. This letter will replace the GE requirements at UCLA.

Next using, select a local CC and your transfer target of UCLA to determine the classes needed to transfer. Match the CC classes listed to your UCI courses. I would also enlist the help of a transfer advisor at UCI to help with the process.

Best of luck.

wouldnt you have to get all the GE courses completed not just “as many”

@swg3hnna Ideally, get a Letter of Reciprocity which shows completion of the GE list at your current UC. Talk to your advisor. Then as gumbymom says match the major courses for your target UC on assist by choosing any CCC and attempt to match.

Sorry you are correct about the GE’s. I meant to say get as many major requirements done. Sorry for the confusion.

so because UCLA is a UC to UC transfer friendly campus does that mean that I’ll be given priority as well or will it be less harsh to enter?

CC transfers will still get priority but it might be slightly easier than some of the other UC campuses. Remember you still need to meet their highly competitive GPA requirements along with completing your major pre-req’s.

In terms of UCLA, you should be on pretty much equal footing if you have completed what is said above and have competitive grades. Actually, all of the UCs look favorably on UC-UC transfers. I’m not sure how they gauge CCC GPA vs UC GPA, as the latter would likely be harder, but many make a successful UC-UC transfer.

Thank you so much! One last question, I know that when you apply for freshman admission you have to have some kind of extracurriculars such as leadership, volunteering etc. to make you look better as a candidate. Does this apply for transfer students as well?

They say it doesn’t but if it’s a selective major, then it always helps. Basically leadership/major related. Even tutoring helps.