Transferring from Bates

<p>I was just wondering with my stats if I have a chance of being accepted to Cornell from Bates. I am currently a sophomore. </p>

<p>Major: Chemistry
I have taken many upper level science courses at Bates and have maintianed a GPA of 3.53
-It's kind of low but the Chemistry and Physics departments are the most deflated. </p>

-I have played two years of Varsity College Football.
- I have volunteered over 100 hours at the local hospital in Lewiston.
- I am a certified chemistry and math tutor.
- I am a Residence Life Coordinator.
- I am on the committee for the Office of International Recruitment.
- BEST: Bates Advanced Leaders Program
High School:
GPA: 3.92, Ranked 11th out of 500 students
Many extracurricular activities
SAT: 600 CR 600 W 650 M</p>

<p>I know this is kind of vague I'm just wondering if its worth going the effort of applying or not.</p>

<p>Just curious why are you transferrring from Bates? I have D who is applying to both Bates and Cornell so I thought I would get your perspective. Thanks</p>