Transferring from BU, for Engineering Sophomore Year.


<p>i'm just wondering what kind of colleges i should look at..
im predicting for my college GPA to be around 3.7-ish, purely because of my english class.. i took IB and got a total of 36 for high school, the good grades came from my sciences and math classes, the other classes let me down..</p>

<p>and would i be able to transfer credits from my high school results too?
SAT I math 700
SAT I verbal 560 (verbal sucked, i know.. hopefully me being an international student reduces the weight on verbal score)
SAT II Match IIc 800
SAT II Physics 740</p>

<p>What schools are you considering to transfer to? Is Northeastern (much better than BU for enginieering) on your list?</p>

<p>Actually, in terms of academics, BU is much better than NEU for engineering.</p>

<p>I disagree from what I understand neu is superior to bu in engineering. I recently spoke to students from each of them on how they felt about thier respective schools, neu students said that they felt the courses were very difficult but they were overall happy with thier education, perticularly because of the co-ops at neu.</p>