Transferring from California to Florida

I am currently at Long Beach City College, but want to attend to either a school equate to LBCC in Florida, or UCF, or Florida State College (I know that higher education from State and Uni needs requirement). My situation is this, I am nearing at the end of my Transfer from LBCC to Long Beach State College, problem is that I will not have a living situation in CA, and no income prospects out there. I wanted to know if I can take the reminder of my class units, and are able to get it credited in Florida College System, or Would i have to do everything all over again.

It sounds like you are asking if units from LBCC will transfer to Florida schools. Credit policy is something you’ll need to contact those schools to ask about but students usually are able to transfer many of their units when not taken at unacredited or for-profit colleges. My prediction is that academic classes will likely transfer but the chances are less for remedial classes, PE, guidance classes (eg. study skills, etc).