Transferring from CC, will AP credits still count from high school?

<p>I've been at the community college for about 4 years now with about 52 units done. I want to apply to cal states and they say they only take people with over 60 units. While I do plan to reach 60 before fall of next year, I want to know if AP scores from high school (over 4 years ago) can still be used towards the 60 unit minimum for transfer. Thanks for your help.</p>

<p>Yes. Talk with your counselor and have him or her help you to figure out which AP course you took corresponds to a GE credit on each school's website. You can calculator the unit count and you'd know how many units you'd already have just from AP scores. In my case I took 5 AP tests and gotten 3's and higher on all of them but I never had them sent to my CC until very recently. Then I discovered that I had 18 transferable units for the UC's and 27 units for the CS's just from the AP's. So definitely look into that.</p>