Transferring from Columbia

<p>I am currently doing engineering at Columbia and I am looking at a few transfer schools (i.e. Stanford, Caltech, Cornell, etc.)... do you gyus know if its easier to transfer if you are from the ivy league?</p>


<p>yah, academic rigor varies amoung universities... A 3.8 from Columbia looks a lot better than a 3.8 at the local CC in the eyes of transfer adcoms. Plus the fact that you got into Columbia probably indicates your high school record (which of course is a factor in t. admissions) is pretty good.</p>

<p>Why would anyone want to transfer from Columbia?</p>

<p>are you at seas or cc?</p>

<p>SEAS... one of my main reasons for transferring</p>

<p>Mikund, I'm considering BioE at SEAS.
Why are you transferring?</p>

<p>SEAS has too many requirements... two cores, one the engineering and the other is the liberal arts core... also in many ways CC overshadows SEAS since Columbia is mainly known for its liberal arts</p>

<p>milkund, when transferring to other highly selective schools, you might actually be disadvantaged because you're transferring from Columbia. Your reason for transferring is of paramount importance to adcoms. Since columbia has so many resources and academic oppurtunities, you'll need a very good reason to switch schools.</p>

<p>clig is right from what i understand. as far as the adcoms go, you already have everything you need and your reason to transfer wouldnt be as compelling as, say, a genius who had to go to a cc because of financial problems, or someone who is not being challenged at some tier 4 school.</p>

<p>yeah thats a good point... my main reason as i said is that columbia engineering has three cores.... the liberal arts core, the engineering core and then ur major requirements as well... so its an extremely requirement heavy course that does not really allow u to explore ur other interests especially in the liberal arts... exploring the arts while being an engineer was my main reason for applying to columbia ed</p>