Transferring from community college into a UC

Hello Everyone,

I am 36-years old, and I am attending a community college in California.

I currently have a 4.0 GPA for transferrable units, and I have completed all my GE courses. I am majoring in math and currently taking precalculus. I will be taking calculus I in the fall and subsequently take all the way up to calc IV. I think I will be getting a B in this class, and I anticipate getting a couple of Bs in my future math class, although hoping for as many As as possible. I did not have a solid foundation in math in HS, as I did not fully apply myself and subsequently dropped out in the 11th grade. My study habits are also terrible, and I work full time and am a single father, which makes it that much more difficult. However, I love math and have found that I have an intuition for it, but it is still challenging, especially during exams as I get extremely anxious. Nevertheless, I plan to improve my study habits and fully apply myself to all future classes.

So, my question is, what would be my chances of getting into a good UC if am able to finish with at least a 3.8 in my community college? Before I had my full-time job I was the treasurer of two clubs at the campus and I was also a writing tutor. I have an excellent letter of recommendation from one of my English teachers in a class in which I finished at the top of my class. I also have and another letter from my geology professsor. I am hoping to get a solid recommendation letter from at least one of my future math professors, and I am almost certain that I can get a really good letter of recommendation from one of the executives at my job (not saure this would help?). . Furthermore, I think i can write a very solid essay and have a good story to tell about myself.

I know its probably premature, but if I finish with a GPA 0f between 3.7 & 4.0 and considering the aformentioned points, would I have a good chance to get into any of the top UC’s or even somewhere like USC?

Thanks in advance!

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