Transferring from Concordia to McGill

<p>I'm in my 2nd year now at Concordia University (Montreal) in Actuarial Math. I realized that the actuarial program at Concordia is extremely bad and the job market for actuaries in Canada is poor too. Hence I'm thinking of switching to McGill.</p>

<p>I initially got accepted to McGill in 2010 in the faculty of Arts & Science and was going to double major in Math & Economics. I changed my mind foolishly and went to actuarial at Concordia. I had good enough grades in c</p>

<p>Can't guarantee anything, but from what I've heard, in terms of transfers they usually ask for 3.7 GPA.</p>

<p>Dammit, then maybe I'm gonna just show my cegep grades and tell them I didn't do anything the past two years...</p>

<p>Hmm, it looks like though that I will be applying for READMISSION cause I was initially admitted but went to a different university.</p>

<p>You may be right, readmission has probably different rules than regular "never applied" transfer. That could play in your favor.</p>

<p>Bro, isn't it the worst mistake someone could make when it comes to choosing universities? Getting accepted at McGill and going to Conf***ingcordia??</p>