Transferring from Lang to Parsons as admitted student?

Hi all,
So I was accepted into the journalism and design program, which when I applied seemed to be part Lang and part Parsons, however, I’m worried it won’t be enough design and I’m now more interested in communications design or maybe fine arts. Does anyone know if it’s possible for me to switch my major to something at Parsons or would I have to fill out a transfer application? Also if anyone has any knowledge about the Journalism and Design program I’d love to hear that as well. Thanks!

Hi! I recently transferred from Lang into the Lang/Parsons dual-degree program and I can give you some insight into the internal transfer process at TNS. You are correct about filling out a transfer application, however, you are only able to do so after completing a semester at the school. This means that you would be able to fill out the app in the Spring sem of your freshman year and, assuming everything goes through, take foundation year classes at Parsons in the Fall sem of your sophomore year. Switching into Parsons, regardless if its for the BA/BFA or just for the BFA, requires you to submit the Parsons challenge, a portfolio, and an essay explaining why you want to do an internal transfer.

I’m not pursuing the Journalism and Design major but I do know that it is one of the larger and more popular majors at Lang. The only thing is that securing a spot in one of the entry level courses for this major can be a bit difficult, since freshmen get last pick for classes, but it’s not impossible. If you decide to still pursue a degree in Journalism and Design, keep in mind that you are still eligible to take courses/pursue a minor at Parsons! This might be an alternative for you to supplement the design aspect of your degree without going through the intensive transfer process. Either way, good luck!

Here is more information about the internal transfer process (the info is towards the bottom):