Transferring from LSA to college of engineering?

<p>I was just accepted to U of M early action to LSA and i was just wondering how difficult it is to transfer from LSA to the college of Engineering. Is there a certain GPA i would need to keep up? Certain classes i would need to take? Would it even be possible? </p>


<p>My girlfriend was in your exact same predicament two years ago, and she was able to turn her LSA acceptance into an Engineering acceptance before her first semester. During orientation, she simply went to an Engineering advisor, explained her situation, and was able to transfer from LSA to Engineering without any trouble. I believe she was able to do this because her score on the math section of the ACT was high (33, 28 composite) and her grades/scores in Calc BC and Physics C were similarly good. </p>

<p>The key is to bring it up early. If possible, call today during business hours.</p>