Transferring from NYU Stern to Penn Wharton

Does anyone here know of any Wharton transfers who came from NYU Stern? Penn was my number one choice, but I was rejected. I understand that Wharton takes very few external transfers each year, but I want to give it one more shot coming from Stern.

Hey! I don’t personally know anyone (it is a big school though, you could probably ask within your school at the office that handles transfers and find someone that has). You do however have to have a very convincing reason as to why a Wharton education will serve you better than a Stern one, and that is often hard to find to be honest (Stern is a top 5 business school, and #2 for finance).

My advice would be to go in with an open mind: maybe you will love the city, the people, and your classes, and think you were crazy for ever wanting to leave! If you do want to transfer, really high grades, decent ECs and most importantly, a convincing narrative for why Wharton is that much better for you is important. Good luck!