Transferring from OSU

<p>My senior year (2011) I was very anxious to move away to college, however I was very disappointed when I was only accepted to Ohio State University. I had applied to eight schools, but was denied everywhere. While I did get accepted into the honors program, I had previously set my mind on a smaller liberal arts college with a better business program. Ohio State University seems too big for my personal tastes and is too close to home (within the literal range of ten minutes). I ended up finishing my senior year with a 4.1 (weighted), and a 2230 on the SATs and decent extracurriculars, however I know wonder if my extracurriculars and my essay were lacking.</p>

<p>My current plan is to transfer after one year to Boston College, University of Michigan, Cornell, or NYU after working hard my freshmen year. My number one was Boston College, but I'm worried there are disadvantages to being a transfer student and that my OSU extracurriculars (such as being in clubs or on student council) will be interrupted and I will have a hard time starting over. Any thoughts or suggestions?</p>