Transferring from Simon's rock

<p>Hi, I was thinking about transferring from simons rock to a better college like duke after next year. Is it worth it? I haven't really gone over what its gonna be like. It's not a money issue so expensive colleges are okay. Will I be able to be in fraternities or honor societies?</p>

<p>GPA - 3.9 probably going for pre med
Basic science research
Probably some rec letters too.</p>

<p>Could I get into any decent schools?</p>

<p>according to your other posts you're a rising senior in highschool</p>

<p>What in your mind is "better" than Simons Rock at this point in your education career
If you're not happy there, you probably wont do as well as you might, so you might want to leave.
But if you work hard and do well at SRC, you'll have no problem getting into a fine school for medical studies or pretty much anything else you want to pursue
Dont take my word for it. Ask the counselors at SRC for the names of schools attended by their grads after earning an AA or BA.
Good luck.</p>

<p>Perfect 36 thats my brother he got into Columbia. We just leave it on the site because its faster and my sister's applying to college next year.</p>