transferring from St. Andrews, wants to major in economics

<p>My s is a second year student at St. Andrews in Scotland and it looks like he will likely be coming back to the States to complete his degree. He wants a place closer to home, without a lot of distractions from academics. He struggled with both home sickness and adjusting to the different teaching style.
I realize he is too late to get into any college this Fall, so he will have a gap year or spring admission. Any suggestions are appreciated. His SAT are about 2100 and he is a an average student grade wise at St. Andrews.
He wants to stay in the same time zone, meaning the west coast.
He like economics but is good in fine arts, which I think he should pursue.

<p>Have you considered Pacific Lutheran? I don't know about economics per se but the kids who have gone to it from here have been really nice kids. They have spring admission for transfers. Now that I am thinking hard, I think that one of the kids I know had done something similar, starting at a European college and then returning.</p>

<p>Lewis and Clark in Portland. Many international students which may have also been the case at St As, Good programs including Econ.</p>

<p>What is the list that gives schools that are still accepting students? It may not be too late for fall. I think that it is put out by an admissions association.</p>

<p> has a list of colleges still taking kids for fall '11.</p>

<p>momshrink - Here are a couple that you may not have considered. Gonzaga and Willamette. Also, isn't there a great fine arts program somewhere in beautiful Vancouver?</p>

<p>Thanks sevmom.</p>

<p>Momshrink -- I followed your original post with great interest, since D wants to major in Econ and was very interested in St Andrews. She applied (and was accepted at) Occidental. Maybe he would be happy there.</p>

<p>Wow, Thanks for all the suggestions. S is recovering from finals week now and still in Scotland. I think he is going to have to look at Spring admission as he got into summer school at London School of Economics. He applied to LSE much earlier in the semester before he started to consider transferring. So he is not coming home until August. It will not be until Fall that we could take a look at the schools. Since this is the second go around we are going to be extra careful with what he chooses. Momshrink</p>

<p>Will LSE be much different from St Andrews?</p>

<p>Since he knows what he doesn't want he should know if he liked the size of the university or if he wants something smaller. There are so many options in your area that narrowing down the search criteria would help. Most schools have good economics programs since it is now such a popular major. The fine arts would help narrow it.</p>

<p>Also the West Coast is a big area. Does he want to be in CA or Pacific Northwest? </p>

<p>Since you say he wants to be very careful with the choice, narrowing the search parameters will produce a better result I think.</p>

<p>My niece had a wonderful experience as a transfer student at Western Washington University, and wound up with a BA/BFA. It is on a quarter system and accepts transfer applications to start in each quarter. The Fall 2011 application deadline has passed, of course, but the Winter 2012 deadline is October 1.</p>

<p>He will only take one class at a time and I am hoping it will be different since most of the students are visiting from other areas and not full time LSE students. Any way, we put our money down last winter for this and would not get much of a refund so he might as well go.</p>

<p>thanks, we will be very careful and he needs to give it alot of thought.</p>