Transferring from Tufts-SMFA Dual Degree Program to just 4-year Tufts?

Hi! I just got off of the waitlist for Tufts’ 5-year dual degree program at SMFA. I was wondering whether anyone knows how flexible it is to transfer out of the program into the standard 4-year program at just Tufts, in case I don’t like the program / realize it’s not for me?

I have no direct experience with this, but I don’t see why it would be a problem. Tufts prides itself on its flexibility which allows students to explore their interests before they declare a major and even then to change their major of they decide to move in a different direction.

This actually seems like a pretty simple question to pose to an Admissions Officer.

Shouldn’t be hard. Are you doubting your decision to do the double degree at the outset or just anticipating ? I am assuming you applied separately to the Museum school and Tufts. Have you already accepted at the Museum School?


@compmom Since Tufts acquired the Museum, the process now involves one application to Tufts for the 5-year BA BFA degree program. It’s a dual degree program and @mt312 was accepted to BOTH!

@mt312 My daughter is interested in this program, so we’ve read a lot about it. There is info on the website about transferring from BA to BA/MFA and from MFA to BA/BS (see below), but you were admitted to a dual degree program (kudos to you)! My guess would be that you can certainly drop the BFA tract if you later choose. My son was accepted to a 5-year engineering/management program at Bucknell and dropped the management part with no problem at all. Every school is different, so as @Bill_Marsh suggests, it’s always best to ask.

Here is info from Tufts’ site on the BFA to BA BS transfer. I don’t think this applies to you, as you were admitted to both:

BFA to BA or BS

Students admitted to the BFA may apply to transfer into a BA degree or BS degree, for some majors. Transfers will only be considered after the second semester of full-time study (or in some cases after the third semester of full-time study, excluding summer session.) Students are expected to enroll in the expected sequence of courses to make progress toward the BFA degree until the transfer is approved.

If you don’t mind my asking, would you say your academics (GPA/test scores) or portfolio were stronger? Did you apply ED? My daughter has stronger academics, but also a decent IB art portfolio and she’s debating whether to apply for a BA or to your program.

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It’s different from the dual degree with NEC in that respect. I didn’t know Tufts acquired the museum school!

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In 2016.

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