Transferring From UC to UC GPA Needed

<p>Hello so I am going to be a sophomore at UC Merced this fall for 2010, but I am planning to apply to transfer for UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UC Santa Cruz, and UC Irvine. However, the average gpa for UC Berkeley transfers is 3.4 However, I have a 3.16 as of now. I am planning to do well this fall and hopefully boost up my gpa to a 3.3 by the end of this fall. My question is, do I seriously have a chance of transferring into UC Berkeley as a pre-econ major? I do have AMAZING extracurriculars however, and was hoping that would help with my less than stellar gpa. I know that transferring into UC Berkeley is not the same as transferring straight into your major and that you need to reapply your freshman year at UC Berkeley into the major. What do you think my chances are for each college? (PLEASE respond if you have knowledge about the subject or have previous experience!) Thanks!</p>