Transferring from UCI to UCD?

<p>I am a freshman at UCI right now and I want to transfer to UCD for my last two years for personal reasons. I know that there is a preference for community college people as UC transfers, but is it possible for me to transfer too? </p>

<p>I am going to apply this fall and plan to finish all my lower-division classes before spring quarter with at least a 3.7. Is this a good GPA or do I need to go higher?</p>

<p>I was told by one of the UCs that you need to talk to the school where you want to transfer to find out what the requirements and process are.</p>

<p>What you want to do is called “intercampus transfer.” To be competitive for intercampus transfer and to minimize delays in graduation, you should complete the general education and major prerequisite requirements at UCI prior to the end of your sophomore year. The UC reciprocity agreement allows you to use the requirements from your campus (UCI) to fulfill the requirements at the other UC campus (UCD).</p>

<p>^Does that also mean finishing the two upper division writing GE’s at UCI?</p>

<p>Apparently there is an actual procedure that allows you to be “UC Reciprocity Certified” so you should talk to a few advisors at UCI to see if anyone knows the process (keep trying if you get unhelpful people, eventually you’ll find the right person).</p>

<p>You will probably need to complete the entire “general education” sequence. It would be helpful to take your major prereqs too.</p>