Transferring from UH Manoa to WSU

So I started a thread on my other account (I lost the password) about whether or not I should transfer from UH to WSU. I decided to spend second semester at UH instead of transferring mid year so that I could try and have a better second semester and maybe fall in love with the school again.
So it’s two months into second semester and it’s been amazing so far. I’ve been having so much fun, joining clubs, going on fun adventures, doing better in my classes, overall I’m having a way better semester than the last one. The thing is no matter how amazing this semester is going and how much I love it out here, I still find myself getting super excited when I think about transferring to WSU next year. I love UH again, but i don’t feel sad when I think about leaving. I feel like I’ve made up my mind about going to WSU, but I still don’t know if i’m making the right decision. If I love being out here why do I still feel like I should transfer? Even all my friends and family think I should stay out here, and yet something still feels off.

Any advice or opinions would be greatly appreciated!

Cost difference? How much does it matter?

What specifically attracts you to WSU over UH?

Why WSU ?

The cost difference is quite large, UH is costing me almost 35,000 a year with WUE and they gave me no financial aid. WSU would offer me a scholarship and offered some financial aid, putting me closer to the 27,000 range.
WSU was my safety school, I applied and then visited and I kind ofoved it which I wasn’t expecting. It’s definitley a college oriented town, and a very spirited school (which I’ve always wanted). Lots of clubs and organizations, people attend games, there’s greek life, a very big student population means that there are a lot of resources and options on campus. I know none of this matters as much as education, but the small things do play into it as well. And I know I would be going from super busy Urban Honolulu, to small secluded Pullman, but I think I’m okay with that. It would help me save money and force me to focus on school more, and no one has to say anything about partying I already know WSU is known for that. Thank you for commenting!