Transferring from UW Madison to UW Seattle/Bothell/Tacoma/WSU

So, this is a really strange year thanks to COVID-19.

I’m currently a junior at UW Madison. Long story short, I recently moved to Seattle with my mom since she got a new job in June so now I’m trying to transfer to UW Seattle/Bothell/Tacoma/WSU. Unfortunately my GPA is kinda low (2.76) due to a couple of terrible grades in the fall 2019 semester; however spring 2020 I kinda bounced back. I’m trying to get into the data science field in when I graduate.

My realistic thinking would be that UW Seattle is way out of my reach so that is why I’ve planned a couple of backup options which are Washington State, UW Bothell and UW Tacoma. How good are my chances if I want to get into CS/statistics/data science? Will COVID impact my chances?

And I heard that UW Bothell’s CS program is pretty decent and overlooked, am I right? How good is UW Tacoma’s CS compared to Bothell?