transferring /IR major

<p>Hi, everyone. I am in need of a desperate help right now.</p>

<p>I will be attending NYU starting this fall for Studio Art but for complicated reasons I really don't have too much confidence that I will become successful as an artist. But as I traveled to my parents' country this summer, I felt very attached to the nation for the first time although I have visited there many times before.</p>

<p>I am now very eager to work at the American embassy within the country, or to become involved in the international politics. I've always had some interests in the country, so I happen to be extremely fluent in the language and vastly knowledgeable on its culture and politics. I've done some researches online after I came back to US and learned that it would be the best to transfer to a different school and switch my major to IR in order to become a diplomat.</p>

<p>Although I was never a great student in high school because of my depression, I really hope that I would be able to turn things around and transfer to a school with great opportunities to study. I have looked around the forum and was able to get an idea of which schools would be great for IR, but what would be some of the good ways to show the schools that I have a potential to be a great student? (I don't have any specific school in mind yet) I also have East Asian Studies and some will to become an interpreter/translator. I'm sorry that everything's so vague... I would be sincerely thankful if anyone can give me any advice in general aside from the schools. Thank you so much for your time.</p>