transferring junior year

<p>I am applying to transfer to cornell for my junior year. I go to a large state school and i am a double major in econ and business. I have a 4.0 with a pretty rigorous course load and i am involved in a lot of activities on campus.
I did not really care in hs and did pretty badly, gpa: 3.2 and SAT 1480/1600. But since college, i've worked really hard, and i know i could get some strong recs.
Just some questions:
Which school should i apply to? (CAS?: econ major?)
What are my chances of getting in for the fall semester?
Do admissions look at my SATs/ hs gpa or my college transcript more heavily?
I appreciate anyone's advice/comments. Thanks :)</p>

<p> applying as have a very good chance since cornell does not require transfers to send their it all falls in your college gpa and activities...G luck...</p>

<p>only college GPA?..</p>